Thursday, November 11, 2010


Climber ’s long-awaited third release, The Mystic (2010) out October 14th , is a curtain pulled back revealing four musicians that simply aren’t afraid to be themselves anymore. It’s taken a few years, but these days Climber is truly playing music like no one’s watching. The result is a baker’s dozen songs that defy stereotypes. From the soulful, space-pop of “The Simians Speak,” which kicks off the album, you’re left wondering: Is this a concept album? A dance album for Mensans? “I Have Seen Everything,” jumps along with a kind of looseness and beat-sensibility reminiscent of the new wave. Thomas Dolby? Talking Heads? And still other tracks, like “The Risk Of The Middle Way” and “We Are The New Man,” swell into big, timeless scores that wouldn’t feel out of place in a 1940’s film. Is that a vintage Utopian choral arrangement I hear? Why, yes it is. The theme that runs like a vein through TheMystic is “man against himself.” Climber turns this over in its head, considering it, brooding over it, even making fun of it. And in the end, accepting all of it with gratitude, joy even. If this sounds like an optimistic album, it’s because it is. But it’s the best kind of optimism—the kind that comes from taking the hard path. The Mystic is an endearing album in that sense, and it makes us all want to join in Climber’s journey and wonder, Where are they taking us next?

Climber is giving away the first single off their upcoming album The Mystic “I Have Seen Everything”
Hear it now here:

Chop Suey
1325 E. Madison St.
Seattle, WA 98122
21+, $6 Door
Show @ 9:00
:With Viper Creek Club, Surrealized and Ladyfriend

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