Monday, November 22, 2010

w.h Walker on new band daily with free mp3

November 22, 2010: Welcome Home Walker (USA)

All hail garage rock bands from Portland, Oregon! We think it's pretty amusing that this type of music can be found all over the rainy Pacific Northwest, but we like it. Welcome Home Walker's three or four piece band typifies this style, but with more gusto and definitely more potential.

They play kitschy, catchy, lyrically memorable and fun garage rock with a pop edge. They are a bit late 1970s and early 1980s punk, mixed with 60s pop, and a modern twist. At moments we think Beatles, at others The Clash...

Having performed at a pop festival this past summer, they're said to play energetic shows reminiscent of past generations, but all in all, we think they seem pretty culturally relevant and awesome.

Songs we recommend you listen to: "As the Night Goes" and "Don't Let Me Go."

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