Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In today's music industry, if we're all honest with ourselves, any band is replaceable.

Paper Tongues
"House of Blues (Cleveland)"



Genre: Alternative Rock

Format: Concert

Website: www.papertongues.n...

Reviewed by: Peter Fenn

In today's music industry, if we're all honest with ourselves, any band is replaceable. Anyone could be singing the hooks to half the Top 40 songs out there right now. Today's music scene lacks artists that truly stand out and do something original; artists that dare to be ridiculed and laughed at, at the expense of creating something new and completely original. Paper Tongues may very well be such a band.

With lead vocalist Aswan North's charismatic personality, the moment the band steps onstage, the audience feels like something big is going to happen. Aswan does his best onstage to channel his inner Bono, but goes in a bit different direction on occasion, feeling out his musical range as best he can. It feels like it is not just a show, not just a band, but an experience. To "see" Paper Tongues is to "experience" Paper Tongues. They step onstage with such a commanding presence that one would think they had been doing this stuff for years. With seven members in the band, it's hard to not feel like you're part of a movement when Paper Tongues step onstage.

Powering through hits like "Get Higher", one of the many songs where the band implores the audience members to join in the movement and sing along, Paper Tongues do an excellent job of keeping the audience entertained at all times. They finish the show on a high note, riding out to their hit anthem "Ride To California".

Of the seven band members, the ones that will catch your attention are bassist Daniel Santell and guitarist Devin Forbes, two of the best in the band at keeping the raging mob of fans wired and animated. The band's sound reflects the fact that there are seven members in the band --- huge. And that's not really such a bad thing, honestly. After all, Paper Tongues are a band that's meant to be experienced, not heard.

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