Monday, January 10, 2011

where the El Guapo became Supersystem (On Overheat)

Strength - Mind -Reader (Community Disc , 2010)

Written by Matthew Casari

Continuing in the path of self- sought , evidently pays well for those who make a bunch of live dates and maximizing the gain from direct sales compared to all'arrivare shops, Strength , from Oakland via Portland, reaching the shores of Europe ' Atlantic to let us know that you can still tamarreggiare without shame. Straight cash , synth Tamarri , nerdy voice above everything else and not a love hidden Fame - Fame.

To say it is not difficult to imagine these three young students of art as a kind of confrontation between the two Flight Of The Conchords and the four male protagonists of The Big Bang Theory. If leaving a mix of dance , rock slightly as someone thought to do in between seventy and eighty (Rod Stewart and the Rolling Stones as cited by them ), some a little outburst ' I mustLuta bursting of independence and an alternative proposal in a manner not unlike what is Har Mar Superstar.

A good look for them are not far from where the El Guapo became Supersystem (On Overheat) , where the Trans Am returned robotic somewhere where they march today Lazer Crystal (Metal) , everything has , however, looked more blatant pop and disgraced . On paper they have everything they need to be a band to bomb private parties , where, as they post about, they realized that the DJ mix ( the Daft Punk) to live ( just to Supersystem ) is the trump card . A good disk to laugh , some just for a podcast singolino smuoviculi , waiting to cross the ocean to show us if and how a person really worth .

If your into Italien here it is in orginal form:

Strength - Mind-Reader (Community Disco, 2010)

Written by Matteo Casari

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