Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Hard Edge Meets a Soft Core: The Burning Hotels

A Hard Edge Meets a Soft Core: The Burning Hotels

Author: Schwaz

Having enjoyed the success of their debut album, "Novels", the impressive

new band The Burning Hotels recently took the stage at Sauce. The

dark-clad, masculine foursome proved true to the nature of their name with

the intensity of their set.

Band members Chance Morgan, Matt Mooty, Marley Whistler, Wyatt Adams may

indeed be All-American Texas boys, but their musical style indicates

influences from far and distant places. With their heavy bass guitar and

epic powerful vocals they struck the audience with a post-punk meets 1970's

enthusiasm, that literally left the crowd transfixed. Chance Morgan's

scratching and haunting vocals brings to mind memories of Muse's early

successes, with a wistfulness easily associated with Coldplay.

Their solid, hard rock sound is chillingly reminiscent to that of Interpol,

and the overall experience of The Burning Hotels can be compared to a

complex combination between a hard metallic edge and a soft core. The band

presented a dynamic interplay between opposing music styles, alongside two

guitarists sharing vocals. This is the kind of band we want to continually

see in Minnesota, but rarely do. Definitely worth checking out.

To Whom It May Concern - The Burning Hotels


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