Thursday, January 27, 2011

This house disco dance rock trio

Strength (United States)

This house disco dance rock trio met while in art school in Northern California, but now shares their sweet sounds in the Pacific Northwest in Portland. We'd venture to bet they're quite different from the rest of the music scene, and that Oregonians probably dig them a lot.

Think Hot Chip meets Passion Pit, meets Phoenix, meets 70s disco. Their synth pop and kitschy voices and dance beats are insatiable. Having released two albums, one in 2006 and the latest in fall of 2010, they've grown into a far more mature and well-rounded sound.

Preferably seen live, we're sure you'll appreciate their take on party music and their interesting lyrical spin. Self-produced, recorded, and released, we're impressed with their fervor for making sexy music they (and we) love! .

Songs we recommend you listen to: "Wilderness" and "Ice Pink Storm."

Click here to visit this band’s website.

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