Friday, January 7, 2011

See Stereo Freakout

New Review at Dagger Short Reviews; File in: You Can't Please Everyone:

" Bonedome - THINKTANKUBATOR- SELF RELEASED- See Stereo Freakout below only instead of bad funk this is more like, I dunno, bad modern rock. go listen for yourself this guy has it allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll wrong!


  1. I'm pretty thrilled to have achieved 100% wrongness for this poor tortured soul. It defies all statistical conventions and means that, in addition to being 100% right to some equally tortured soul, I may actually be psychic. i'm gonna go buy some lottery tickets with numbers that I'm certain won't win...

  2. Bonedome may not be totally my style of music, but after googling "Stereo Freakout reviews" and finding Allan Hayslip's music, I'm stoked to have found this band. I'm diggin' the "bad modern rock" sound, harmonies, bass grooves, random lyrics, and David Bowie-esque style of singing; if my local modern rock station played more music like Bonedome, I'd probably listen to the radio more... Thanks XO Publicity for mentioning Stereo Freakout!

    Btw, we do more than just "bad funk"- we do "bad rock", "bad rock/ska", "bad slap-guitar", and more "bad funk". Cheers!