Monday, October 24, 2011

J Minus releases fun-filled album: "Devil Music"


J Minus releases fun-filled album: "Devil Music"

Staff Writer

Satanic or ill is far from the description of J Minus' titled album Devil Music. Releasing their third album since their spontaneous start in 2002, Dylan Fant and Trevor Wheetman began working on their music together as a pet project. "It wasn't planned to be anything," said Fant, "I was doing it to fulfill myself."
Like stepping into a daydream, their jumpstart into the music scene struck the surface of reality with the help of Michael Wilson Black, the current Senior Vice President of MCA. "It was one of those crazy stories where Trevor's buddy was a janitor at his recording studio and they were having lunch together. And he was like ‘Hey! Check out my buddy's song,' and he was blown away." The song, "After Midnight," was one of three Fant had just finished working on, earning him and Wheetman a trip to Los Angeles where they were encouraged to form a band. To sum up the experience, it was "all the things you ever dreamed of being a new musician," said Fant, reminiscing.
The new album's feel is a mixture of acoustic and pop, starting with a lighter tone, mixing in a new appreciation for the banjo and electric beat and moving into a darker, more serious side. Delving forward into the album, the band generates a strong appreciation for going straight to the gut of music and letting the simplicity of acoustics do the talking. It has what Fant describes as a "classic west coast gangster lead" followed by an upbeat rhythm that makes you want to jump from your seat and go for a bike ride around the park or crank up the tunes on a road trip. As far as the production of melodies and the flow of the album goes, Fant claims "I'm just using weird combinations that are like ‘huh, that's interesting.'"
Though Fant describes their genre as pop, it isn't the general definition used by the public. "People instantly think of what's popular today…to me pop has always just been something that is like, you know, catchy. It gets stuck in your head. It's something that can be played on the radio; something that just the general population enjoys." J Minus' new album can be ordered online via their website

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