Friday, October 14, 2011

Their sound reminds me a lot of what the Used Kids

Self-titled: 7”

Their sound reminds me a lot of what the Used Kids are doing in terms of retro rock style like that of The Jam just brought up to speed and made for today’s generation. Here the titled track “Watch Your Step” brings that old school sound with backbreaking tempos. The bass on this track is nice and bouncy and I could imagine a dance hall filled with the feel-good vibe of this music. The B-side of this two-song 7” is the highlight here with the track, “The Untold Death of Grady Jones.” It’s a tune about the murder of a man Grady Jones with lyrics hinting that it was done by a gang: “They really have blood stained hands but did they do it just for game? I guess we’ll never know for sure…some shot the messenger.” The song itself reminds me a lot of Mötley Crüe’s tune, “On with the Show,” in terms of concept. Welcome Home Walker does theirs less epic and shorter in length, but brings richer music influences to the table by having Latin-feeling beats and a “Strawberry Fields Forever”-sounding arpeggio tempo change transition in the song. It’s all around solid songwriting on this track. –N.L. Dewart (Boggie Creek)

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