Friday, March 30, 2012

Behind the Hype Indie Sampler #3 and #4

Posted  by Flak

Greetings readers. This month we make up lost ground with a combined sampler. Usually we give 3 artists, but we give you 6 this month for good measure. We go across the pond and back with this release! Join me?
First, here is the link for the sampler download, although for Delooze, you’ll have to check out the links provide (with video goodness!)

Delooze from East London, UK is working on their debut, and here’s an amazing live performance!

The Ragged Jubilee from Arroyo Grande, CA (tracks: Just a Little Blood, Going Down to Texas)

Roch from San Jose, CA (tracks: Lightweight Bi-Polar Mania and A Beautiful Curse)

The Mast from Brooklyn, NY (tracks: Trump and My All)

The Story Changes from Dayton, OH ( tracks: Tidal Wave, Breed)

Sister City from Worcester, MA ( tracks: 20, Cartoon Movies)

That’s right, take it all in my children!
See you in July!


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