The Illness is a progressive rock/ metal quintet from San Francisco, California. Their debut record, “A Monument to our Gilded Age” is set to release June 5th of this year. You can check out a video for their song Misanthropy off their new album below.

The album is composed of a complex amalgamation of progressive rock, blistering fast metal, and jazz-influenced instrumentation. Upon first listen you can immediately hear the wide array of bands that influence the Illness‘s sound, everyone from Faith no More and Muse to Red Fang and Mastodon. The album gracefully floats between styles, bending and occasionally breaking genre lines. One song will begin with an intense, metal influenced set of riffs at breakneck speed before coming to a full stop and entering into a jazz progression. Where the next song on the album may take on a completely new set of stylistic influences and compositional traits. This band is its own brand of monster and something not to be missed if you’re a fan of talented musicianship and the progressive side of genre integration.
Review by Tommy Hemmer