Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blue Skies For Black Hearts Tour Diary on Willamette Week

Blue Skies for Black Hearts: Waxed Handle Bar Mustache (Portland, OR)

March 3rd, 2009 [2:41PM] Posted by: Blue Skies for Black Hearts | 0 COMMENTS
Blue Skies for Black Hearts hit the road yet again late last month, and yet again BSFBH’s Kelly Simmons was nice enough to chronicle the journey with us.

Wednesday Feb. 18th, 2009

4:45 AM - Wednesday starts just like any other day: I get up at the crack of dawn for my day job, make the coffee, feed the cats, make my PB&J, and head out the door in order to punch the clock and bring home the soy bacon, but tonight we play the “I Saw Them When…” 94.7 show with Dead Confederate and so begins a whole new Blue Skies tour story with which I can amaze my friends.

4:30 PM - Load into Lola’s.

5:30 PMish - Dead Confederate arrives and we meet our tour mates for the next couple days. John, the keyboard player, immediately impresses us with his perfectly manicured and waxed handle bar mustache. The drummers, Dead Confederate’s Jason and Blue Skies’ Paul, hit it off discussing how big their “cymbals” are. Dead Confederate’s lead guitarist, Walker, says to me, “Even though Kelly is a girl’s name I know guys named Kelly, but Walker could be a girl’s name even though I’ve never heard of any girl Walkers.” Sometimes less is more or stop talking is what I always say. Walker also sports some impressive facial hair. While John is trim and dapper, Walker has the appearance of a real, moonshining, mountain man.

6:30 PMish - We are told the green rooms are stocked with beer. I promptly make my way to the green room, grab a beer, a Red Bull and a muffin. After I take the first bite I’m told this nice big room is Dead Confederate’s room, the broom closet next door is ours. I should have guessed. Nevertheless, our broom closet still has an oversized can of Rockstar filled with ice, High Life and Budweiser. This will do.

9:15 PM - I meet Dawson (more on him later).

9:45 PM - Blue Skies starts playing and at first, you can tell by the blank looks on the crowds faces, they have no idea what’s hit them. Pat lies and tells them we’re from Philly. Slowly the sold out crowd starts to resemble a Frankie Avalon Annette Funacello Beach movie. That’s right, people in Portland are dancing!

10:45 PM - After our set, I head to the merch table in order to take over for our way too drunk label guy, Andrew Stern of the infamous Blue Horns and Future Historians. Dead Confederate hits the stage.

11:05 PM - DC plays its major NRK hit, “the Rat,” which upon completion prompts a mass exodus from the venue. Apparently some people are only here for one thing. Too bad ’cause they miss “All the Angels” and the great “Heavy Petting.”

11:11 PM - A disgruntled Portland “fan” who seems mad about having to pay for a t-shirt and CD runs by the merch table grabbing two Dead Confederate tees and two CDs. We all look at each other, shrug our shoulders, and decide the guy must not have been a real music fan because all he left was the vinyl copy of their record. Way to go Portland!

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