Wednesday, March 25, 2009


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• Friday March 20th, 2009 • 4:58 pm
Twin Tigers are the latest dirty rockers from Athens, GA — the one-time college radio/indie capital of the world — to throw up a wall of psych-roar that buries into your skull. On their newest 7″, the one-two combo of “Sexless Love” b/w “Envy” is enough to sustain the band’s already-growing reputation as a fuzzy, back-to-the-source four-piece. “Sexless Love” opens up with a sustained, early Sonic-Youth driven guitar line and builds on top of singer Matthew Rain’s reaching tenor until it crashes into a fury of sustained distortion. “Envy” is subdued enough to demonstrate Rain’s knowledge of melody and is underpinned with distorted bass rolls that keep the song low to the ground, while the guitar and drums deliver inconspicuous lines and beats that manage to sound huge.
The fickle eyes of the indie rock world may have moved on to greener, richer musical pastures such as Portland, OR and Brooklyn, NY, but just because the camera’s eye no longer watches a particular region doesn’t mean said region stops cultivating talent. Twin Tigers have proved that in two distinct, fiery songs.

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