Monday, March 2, 2009

Motorik cd review on LMNOP

Motorik - Klang! (Independently released CD, Rock/pop)
The first thing that caught our attention about Motorik is that the folks in this band has a nice, clean, simple sound. With so many bands layering their music to the point of insanity, the nice open sounds of the tunes on Klang! come as a welcome surprise. Vocalist Sio has an interesting higher register voice that sounds something like a cross between Robert Smith and Russell Mael...and his simple throbbing bass lines are absolutely intoxicating. Joining Sio are Adrian Garver on guitar and Hoagie Gero on drums. You have to admire any three piece band whose songs are so good that they don't need all the extra sounds and studio gimmicks. Klang! is chock full of refreshing, instantly danceable tracks delivered with fresh energy and originality. Our favorite cuts include "Or So I Thought," "It's Just Sugar," "First Rule," and "Six Filters." Neat resilient rockers. (Rating: 5+)

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