Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ORGANOMETALLIC reviews giant squid


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"Metronome" by Tiffany Bozic

Artist Tiffany Bozic collaborated with the California Academy of Sciences in 2007 to create From the Depths, a science and art exhibit about deep sea invertebrates. Bozic is based in Oakland and has continued to produce beautiful, finely rendered depictions of animals and plants in fantastical compositions. I first learned about her through this collaboration and look forward to seeing her work in person and attending NightLife someday.

Giant Squid is another bay area gem I just learned about. A week after they play three bay area shows, of course. I have been listening to their recent release, The Ichthyologist, nonstop. Their music incorporates a whole lot: cello, horns, clean and screamed vocals, story telling, sick science metaphors, and total heartache. The front man works at the San Francisco Aquarium as a professional scuba diver and shark feeder. He has a graphic novel of the same name in the works as well.

This quarter is quickly coming to a close. I have been a sort of ichthyologist myself these past two months by working with Astatotilapia burtoni. Another amazing fish is Macropinna microstoma, recently filmed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

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