Monday, March 2, 2009

Caravan of Thieves review on LMNOP

Caravan of Thieves - Bouquet (Independently released CD, Pop)
Sometimes the liner notes say it all. According to the front insert, Caravan of Thieves is "Fuzz and Carrie [Sangiovanni] playing acoustic guitars and singing harmony together, Ben Dean serenading them on his violin and occasionally singing something baritone and Brian Anderson laying down the foundation with his double bass while every so often lending his voice." That pretty much sums up what's going on here. The wonderful toe-tapping tunes on this album are so infectious that you initially don't even notice the absence of drums and percussion instruments. The folks in this band are so good at what they do that it seems remarkable that they are (at least at this point in time) an underground entity. These songs are not weird underground artsy crap. The tracks on Bouquet are remarkably accessible and could easily be appreciated by millions upon millions of listeners. The vocals are bright and superb from start to finish. No canned artificial technology driven music here...this stuff is real. The excellent cover photo of a young boy holding flowers is a perfect match for the music contained on the CD. Music from an era gone by played with true style. Recommended. (Rating: 5++)

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