Friday, March 6, 2009

Benjamin Bear reviewed on IMAGINE ECHOES

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Benjamin Bear: Lungs Review

Benjamin Bear is a piano/drum duo hailing from Seattle - they deliver their vulnerably romantic indie rock with subdued authority. Wielding just a piano and drums, Benjamin Bear surprisingly has a rich and full sound that may fool many into thinking that there are more instruments being played than just the two. The music is a bit quirky and the vocals of Mychal Cohen are flawed, but its these weaknesses that Bear manages to turn into strengths by giving the music an unguarded passion. The musics emotion is transparent, and Bear allows you to see the music and lyrics for exactly what they are.

While the music has many redeeming qualities in terms of overall mood and feel, the melodies are not exactly Lungs' strong suit. The songs are a bit forgettable and there are only a few moments on the album which will leave you humming and singing a tune in your head. One of these special moments is "Rusty Truck" and this song specifically points to one of this albums most crowning attributes. Benjamin Bear has the ability to craft a song filled with drama which builds with intensity, and this intensity is formed and driven by the drumming of David Stern.

Benjamin Bear is the kind of band that will stick with people who are looking for emotional depth in their music; passive listeners will certainly look over them, but they most definitely have a home with the more serious fans of sincere indie rock.

Grade: C+

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