Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Burning Hotels on Dryvetme Onlyne

The Burning Hotels
Self-Released; 2010

Travel with me back to the halcyon days of 2004, back when it seemed like
the entire world was enjoying the sounds of Hot Fuss from The Killers. Big
'80s pop textures were the order of the day, as it appeared that it was
finally kosher to mix together New Order and Duran Duran for a big radio hit
(as it most certainly was NOT in 1984). Yes, the haters claimed that Brandon
Flowers and his chums were mostly copycat artists, and yes, there were times
when I hid this record from my joyless rock snob friends, but I enjoyed
being pandered to musically (as did the 3 million-plus other folks who
bought the album). Unfortunately, it seems that the haters were correct - I
found the band's two subsequent releases to be bland and tasteless - but I
still have no problem bouncing around to tunes like "Somebody Told Me" and
"All These Things That I've Done."
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