Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Transient Songs on NOCTURAL CULT

Transient Songs

Cave Syndrome

Indian Casino Records 2010

An immediate reference to the laid back and thoughtful style of The Church can be heard on Cave Syndrome's opening track, In This Darkness Light Seeps Through. The sweet, whimsical notes that float to the surface also call to mind Belly at their most soulful moments. And so begins the journey that Transient Song take us along during the 10 tracks of their debut album Cave Syndrome. Heavy in self reflection and calm moments that give the listener room to breath and relax. A warbling western feel slowly shifts like desert sands on Smoking Slows the Healing as acoustic guitars and John's airy vocals paint a stark, dry night under the stars. A feeling of the sorrow and joy of homecoming after a long hard road is created by the piano on the opening passage of Greenwood Backyards before the second half develops in to more The Church leanings. Wide Open Skies with its echoing vocals and stumbling pacing creates a barren soundscape that drifts like white cloudy puffs on the horizon. Astoria is almost scary with its deep vocal tracts and disturbing shimmering guitars, like being in an underwater desert, gurgling tumblweeds ambling by with the current. The title track brings the journey to a close with moments of lighthearted-joy, a somewhat old school feel to it that brings a sort of a mix of 90s alternative with an undercurrent of CCR. If you love the expansive alternative sounds of The Church then Transient Songs will nestle into a warm spot in your heart. Though somewhat more diverse, Transient Songs delivers easy yet emotional songs that drift into a mellow dreaminess.

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