Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Judge Jackson’s 5th full length ‘Drive’

Judge Jackson’s 5th full length ‘Drive’ is blend of 70’s and 80’s stadium rock ala Journey and Whitesnake with bluesy guitar riffs, romantic rock dudes, smoky bars and wistfulness from the south.

With classic rock bands of our time there’s always the discussion about creative relativity and the hey-days long gone, yet this LA 4-piece skillfully execute their old-time love with a soundtrack that reminds of a great, cheesy 80s road-trip movie for college graduates.

The 10 chapters on ‘Drive’ welcome you to the ultimate male high-life with a top-down convertible heading down the sunset to an adventure of movie character lives. From beer, bar fights, strippers, football, love, heartbreak and the inevitable cliché ending, this record has it all. Furthermore, the thriving positive energy (a joie de vivre if you will) reminds of the old wisdom, that it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

Grooving guitars, a vibrant rhythm section and a frontman that sings like he’s seen it all make up a truly authentic and tight band with sound that made me hum for the wayward son. Judge Jackson can easily be put on one stage with the big 70s bands, yet where the stage might be located in 2010 is a completely different beer.


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