Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Microtia returns with Spacemaker

Microtia – Spacemaker –

Another sophomore follow-up, Microtia returns with Spacemaker, a well put together mix of deftly paced rock energy, infused with sparse bits of electronic pop. The album’s title refers not to the celestial realm, but the composition of its casing – the band created the album cover by recycling pizza and beer boxes. A cool endeavor, to be sure, and such environmental awareness translates into an active consciousness as related to their music, especially in more ambitious songs like “Tone Mountain vs. The Body of Rifffage,” which preludes into the album’s loudest track, but the lyrics are never screamed or overplayed for effect. The amount of restraint in their most furious moment solidifies the authenticity of Microtia’s rock. The only complaint would be the album’s resemblance to its peers, failing to completely transcend the “solid genre effort” categorization. It definitely is that, though, and reason enough to check this out and anticipate future efforts.


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