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Review – Transient Songs – Cave Syndrome (Indian Casino, 2010)

Review – Transient Songs – Cave Syndrome (Indian Casino, 2010)
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“Cave Syndrom” is a debut by Seattle band Transient Songs, led by John Frum (ex-Hasslehorse). Its a record full of contradictions – for one, it desperately tries to sound depressingly and gloomy, but fails. Instead, it feels like most of songs on the album sound laid back and have a certain psychedelic/hazy vibe to them (despite not so happy lyrics).

Second point is that its a pop / rock album where “pop” side of the equation clearly pushes “rock” side into the corner, so to speak. That’s not to say that its not energetic, its just that emphasis mostly seems to be on catchy hooks and melodies, with a smattering of feedback/loud volume/distortion here and there.

Whether its deceivingly light opener “In This Darkness The Light Seeps Through” or charmingly titled “The Cancer In Our Bloodlines”, it all seems be done very well, whether from production or performance point. Yet, the feeling is that the album is best taken in small doses, lest the listener will lose patience and turn it off halfway through the record.

For what it is, it’s a good record, but probably not something that I would play every day, as it doesn’t seem to be terribly different from similar records.

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