Wednesday, May 12, 2010

POP ROCKET covers transient songs

Cave Syndrome
Indian Casino Records

John Frum spent his punk years in Texas before migrating to Seattle and discovering the delights of 70s psychedelic rock. Hooking up with multiinstrumentalist
Andy Gassaway, he’s fleshed out Transient Songs with cellist Ruth Davidson and violinist Amanda Lempreicht for your full symphonic enjoyment. A lush guitarscape evokes David Gilmore’s earlier work with Pink Floyd before Roger Waters steered the band in a more populist direction on The Wall. The free flowing, dreamy vibe makes you want to hike out into the woods on a warm summer evening and watch the moon slowly work its way across the night sky. Recreational accessories may enhance the experience or could prove to be entirely superfluous. If you’re in need of a chill pill to get back in your groove, Cave Syndrome is the right diagnosis for what ails you.

its in current issue on PAGE 10

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