Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stephen Marley's beautiful energy and leaping vibes Saturday @ ROSELAND THEATER

The Roseland Theater was blessed with an intimate show by Stephen Marley's beautiful energy and leaping vibes Saturday.  The crew began before their designated set time and ended thirty minutes after, it was such a treat. The oomph in the room was vibrating.

The crowd was taken on an energetic roller coaster from swaying to jumping up and down as it went from a "mellow mood" with hits like "You're Gonna Leave" and "Now I Know" to lively "Break Us Apart" and "Let Her Dance". Stephen's raspy but cogent voice and pizzazz shined and spread throughout the crowd. Whereas often the Roseland Theater can have difficulty with sound and clarity of voice, Stephen's singing was lucid. 

Stephen Marley and band performed a variety of songs from his new album "The Revelation Part 1: The Root of Life". They also played a few of his dad, Bob Marley's songs like "Buffalo Soldier" and "Jammin", which are always hits and it felt good to see him keep Bob's spirit alive. 

Spragga Benz joined Stephen on stage about midway through the set. The crowd loved when Stephen offered the mic for crowd participation. For the last few songs, a cute little star in the making 5 year old came out and got down break dancing to "Three Little Birds" and the rest of the show.

The Ghetto Youths, the opening act also joined Stephen and Spragga Benz to close out the show. Stephen invited the crowd to join him on the tour bus. An invitation hard to resist, although I did not join. The night was a delight ending with the music.   - Juliet Maisel

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