Monday, June 6, 2011

Seattle’s Campfire OK comes to Portland

Seattle’s Campfire OK comes to Portland.

Posted on May 26th, 2011

You can see them play in Portland on Sunday, June 12th at Doug Fir.

The group formed when Mychal enlisted the help of friends to help him finish an album he was recording and producing in his studio. At the time, Mychal was playing in a two-piece (drum and piano) band, and wanted to bring additional instruments into the live setting. The additional musicians help translate the dense recorded effort into an exciting live show that at times features a small women’s choir and additional percussion. Campfire OK is actively working on new arrangements and original material.
Campfire OK might be classified as indie-rock, Americana, or folk due to their use of brass, piano, banjo, and acoustic guitar.The resulting arrangement is an elegant blend of piano-and-drum syncopation, rich melodic lines, and dynamic multiple-vocal stylings.
Strange Like We Are – Available NOW on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and Sonic Boom Records in Seattle.

You can hear their music and watch their videos at


NPR: Song of The Day – “Campfire OK’s “Strange Like We Are” grows as it goes, with handclaps and

three-part harmonies culminating in powerful choruses.”

Seattle’s City Arts lists CAMPFIRE OK as #2 Best New Band

SEATTLE WEEKLY – “Local collective Campfire OK is one of those beautiful, restless entities that don’t stay in one place for too long but still manage to write concise, focused songs. Strongly rooted in the raw acoustic roots of the Smithsonian Folkways Anthology series, the band pushes the boundaries of the revival band stigma, incorporating subtle modern elements (synth swells and delay pedals) effortlessly atop the weathered antique frames of their songs”
SEATTLE P.I. – “They are exquisite crafters of moments, able to take a heavily syncopated bridge into an a capella denoument without losing each other or the audience. They exuded confident fun, and the crowd loved them for it. They’re making their way down to SXSW next month and I’ll be very surprised if they don’t make some large waves while they’re there.”
THE STRANGER – “While they’re every bit as organic as nature-loving artists like Fleet Foxes or even the Moondoggies, Campfire OK are also a bit more complex, involving many orchestral characteristics-sweeping, dramatic piano and perfectly placed blasts of horns.”

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