Thursday, June 30, 2011

CAMPFIRE OK SIMILAR | Fleet Foxes, The Go-Betweens, Here We Go Magic, Mumford & Sons, Typhoon



Seattle’s Campfire OK, has recently released its debut album, Strange Like We Are, a set of folk- and jazz-infused rock songs that have a strong Pacific Northwest sound. Campfire OK first started out as a duo, but has since permanently added four of its session musicians. The sextet uses banjos, horns, and piano to lend an ecclectic and earthy personality to each track. The dueling banjo and piano on “Hard Times” is dramatic and folksy at the same time, while “Not Young Not Old” and “Strange Like We Are” use the same instruments to create a more up-beat tone. Strange Like We Are is more rustic/americana than Fleet Foxes and a bit more serious than Mumford & Sons. It’s a solid debut that is worth checking out for anyone who likes the aforementioned bands. – Written by DBosket

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