Sunday, June 12, 2011

first recording together in an abandoned warehouse in Kentucky

Although these 5 band members and previous strangers had hardly met before their first recording together in an abandoned warehouse in Kentucky, the end result of their coming together is anything but strange.

Mathew Kendall's evocative lyrics and voice combined with the 1970's-esque feel and tone to the overall instrumentation creates an incredible indie expression.

Kendall, having grown up on the road with his rocker father, began his songwriting career at the ripe young age of 8 or 9. Each song is poppy and infectious with well wound melodies and Kendall's voice weaving Rogue Motel's Portland, Oregon world together.

With the guts to post on their website that they don't have the most original sound, honesty is clearly one of their mainstays.The song "Hurry Up" reminds one of a power ballad rock song from the 1970s, with a new modern funky twist.

Songs we recommend you listen to: "Hurry Up" and "Long Enough."

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