Monday, June 27, 2011

magnuson - is proggy, with a decent fuzzy guitar buzz

Magnuson, Crash Of Cassini (
This is a boy/girl duo (Greg and Kyrsten Magnuson), and right out of the gate they remind me of the boy/girl duo called The Medea Connection. “Dark Reality” is proggy, with a decent fuzzy guitar buzz. “Real Control” is obtusely akin to 70s hard rock, but it doesn’t do anything new, and the vocals falter slightly. “Blame” appealing energy but the m/f vocals don’t gel. On “Somewhere” the potential is there, but something is holding it back. I’ve seen comparisons to Porcupine Tree and The Smiths, and I’d love to say that was even remotely true, but that’s really stretching it, in both directions. Mildly amusing, but never brings the house down. They could have trimmed the 14 track to 10, just for the sake of economy.

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