Monday, July 4, 2011

Punch up J-Minus and get soothed-out in under sixty seconds


Devil Music
1 Shot Studio
Experiencing a stressful day at work? Punch up J-Minus and get soothed-out in under sixty seconds. As if enjoying a cool glass of green tea while lying in an overflowing bubble bath, bliss will envelope your frazzled brain pan. Be forewarned, the warm fuzzies do sometimes tumble into adult contemporary territory. So long as this doesn’t send you screaming from the room, pull up a chair (it doesn’t have to be a rocker) and kick off your shoes. Unfortunately, even eternal joy has its limits and songwriter Dylan Fant appears a bit conflicted. His new album pictures a happy couple frolicking among the flowers, yet is titled Devil Music. “Congratulations, You Suck” opens a snarky diatribe to an ex with the kiss-off, “The only thing you proved is I can do better than you.” Next he crafts a heartfelt lullaby to his daughter “When The Lights Go Out,” replete with moonbeams and stuffed animals. Light/dark, happy/sad, love/hate…all two sides of the same coin. Ah, the duality of life. It sometimes clouds the beauty of a sunny day. Take the time to turn your clouds onto rainbows and enjoy the sunshine. J-Minus is here to help.

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