Friday, July 22, 2011

In Flames: Interview with the Burning Hotels

In Flames: Interview with the Burning Hotels By Andrea Rizzo

Best friends since the fourth grade, Chance Morgan and Matt Mooty have created an atmospheric, indie rock band called the Burning Hotels. They took a little time out of their schedule to share the story behind the name, how their sound is always changing, and what’s cooking musically. Check out more on their website.

1. Obvious first question: Where did you get the name from?

When Chance and I were teenagers we would go to Dallas and take pictures, shop for records, see concerts, go vintage hunting etc. And we were always intrigued by a vacant building called The Dallas Grand Hotel. The place always caught our eye when we came into town. Oddly enough, the hotel ended up in one of my dreams burning down with paper shooting out of the windows. Through that dream, the Burning hotels were born.

2. Tell us a bit about your sound and how you make it happen.

Our sound is always changing. We previously have been known for our fast tempo post punk, but we have shifted in the recent past to a more laid back, cinematic feel. We have been recording ourselves using computer software like Reason and Pro Tools. It has given us an outlet to program drums, use synthesizers, create endless tracks and complete the song ideas from top to bottom. It still has a minimalist sensibility, but full of things to keep you drawn to it.

3. What is the music scene like in Fort Worth?

You would think since we are from Fort Worth that it would be all country and Americana, but there is quite a broad spectrum of music that comes out. Lots of very talented people here. Some of our good friends, the Orbans, are currently running amuck with Ben Harper and the Rentless7. It's always good to see the locals get some love on a national stage. Not to mention, a very dear friend from Fort Worth is actually keeping time for Rentless7, as well.

4. How has Novels been received?

Well received. We are really proud of that record. We are about to release our self-titled record, Burning Hotels, which is a departure from Novels. I think we have really worked hard and channeled our best work to date. The record is a slow moving roller coaster, it takes you through the past, present, and future for Matt and I, while still being a thrill ride. It comes August 31, 2011, online.

5. What are some upcoming projects?

Getting this new record out and into people’s heads. We have worked really hard on it. Here is the first single off of the record.

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