Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sassy!!! plays a rollicking, punk rockish, burn-down-the-garage,

Sassy!!! - Diggin Deep (

Playing skillful, unstylized garage punk rock & roll with suburban lyrics (“Wild Summer,” “You Can Have Him,” and “She’s a Liar,” for starters), this funny/serious duo makes no bones about their likes and dislikes. Lynda Mandolyn and Christa D’biase like most of us, dislike cheaters (“She’s a Liar,” “It Really Hurts,” “You Can Have Him”), but absolutely love the wild side of rock & roll (“Wild Summer,” “Honey Bee,” “Devil’s Dance”). The titles may sound generic, but there’s a superior intelligence at work here.

The witty group moves from tuneful, structured songs without sacrificing any of their incendiary punk energy. Stomping merrily through pop culture, romance, and reality, they even find time to send a mash note to a past boyfriend (“Something about You”).

Sassy!!! plays a rollicking, punk rockish, burn-down-the-garage, individual style that’s well-suited to their adventurous musicals goals. And incase you were wondering, yes they really do deserve the three!!! after the band’s name. After just one listen you’ll be screaming their name out-loud in your sleep!!!

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