Sunday, February 5, 2012

Introducing…Beneath Wind And Waves

 Americana, Electronic, Folk, Indie, Music
Introducing...Beneath Wind And Waves. Beneath Wind and Waves is Portland-based singer/songwriter Shawn Lawson Freeman recording with Jim Walker.
Recently released long-player Non-etre is a cunningly crafted, mindfully performed, extended moment of clarity in the face of the unknown. Dark love, missed chances, inner silences, and joyful trials are delicately delineated in its shrewdly scribed lyrics, delivered with Freeman’s sweetly pleasuring vocals upon a classy bed of acoustic and electronic instrumentation.
Most of Non-etre sounds like floating out on a wave, where you’re never sure what you might hear or have to think about next – a wash of light noise or the grace of dusky beach nights. Try for yourself with the delightfully seductive Loop Me In

Download Beneath Wind And Waves – Loop Me In mp3 (from Non-etre)

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