Friday, February 3, 2012

Beats Antique LIVE REVIEW 12/27/12 Crystal Ballroom Portland OR

                                                           credit sequoia emmanuelle
The mood was chaotic at the Crystal Ballroom last Saturday (12/27/12) night. Beats Antique played to a sold-out crowd of all-age kids. The opener, Filistine, a two piece composed of cello ran through myriad effects and electronic beats set of the night with Arabian influenced sounds backed by projections of 16mm film footage.  A packed Crystal Ballroom began to bounce once Beats Antique hit the stage, opening with hits such as "Dope Krunk" and "Caterpillar", from their Collide album.  Of course they had the usual crew of belly dancers only this time one of them appeared to be 8 months pregnant.

                                                            credit sequoia emmanuelle
The band stuck to their favored material, playing very little new songs from the repertoire. I was hoping to hear more from “Elektrafone” since it seems to have taken a different musical direction than their previous releases. I personally snuck out before the final encore in hopes of hitting the fresh air before the stampede of underage glitter bunnies. Even though the stage performance was predictable the music was delivered in a way that never disappoints. Looking forward to Beats Antique's return to Portland just hoping they choose another venue or rather have a show just for the 21+

Blake McIntosh

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