Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Radio Free MP3: “The Solution” by The Winebirds


The Solution
By the Winebirds
From the album Seance Hill
I used to have this dream: I’d be the bass player in some great alt-rock band. We’d tour the country, just under the radar but with a fan base that puts the ‘atic’ in Fanatic. Gorgeous college girls would follow our every song. Incredibly cool guys would dream of being us. I’d be the mysterious guy in the back, knocking out insanely infectious beats, yet kind of aloof - not the gregarious front man, or the obscure drummer but the guy both making things happen and yet not sparking all the attention.

It never did happen. I never even learned to play an instrument. Yet I still dig a driving bass line like one finds in “The Solution.” Man, everything about that song is straight out of my teenage fantasy, except for the part where its me on the stage and not some kids I’ve never heard of from Portland.

The bass curls and furls and drives infectiousness home, the long way. The song bounces and trounces and creates a dream pop bubble of deliciousness. Its the kind of song the WB would play in their quirky, hilarious, incredibly brilliant show about college aged music lovers if the WB made shows worth watching. Its the kind of song that would knock the walls down off of my rent house if I played it at a party, that is if I actually threw parties. Its dynamite fun, fit for the whole family, if your family consists of me, and my dog.
You can hear more of the Winebirds frantic, audaciousness at their Myspace page, or their official website.

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