Thursday, February 2, 2012

electro/dance trinity of synthesized splendor - PORTLAND OR BAND to watch!

Music | Strength — Mind-Reader

Take a seat kidos. Let’s play a game of truth or dare; I’ll go first. I dare you to listen to this new band called Strength without falling victim to a sudden, uncontrollable urge to dance your face off. Can’t do it? I suspected as much…

Out of Portland, Oregon, this electro/dance trinity of synthesized splendor has followed-up their first record with another consummate dance album that will surely have the most devout wallflower fist pumping and foot stomping. Comprised of Bailey Winters on vocals, John Zeigler on keyboards/programming, and Patrick Morris on guitar/drum machine and bass, Strength delivers a sound truly unique to this high-energy, attention-deficit generation of ours.
07 Overheat
“There’s not much time,” declares Winters on the title track Blood, and he’s right. Before long, his resounding vocals, blasting like an explosion of licentious fervor, convincingly dispels our moral convictions for unknown desires, while just behind his provocative verses comes the heavy synthesized melodies of Zeigler on keys. By this time it is too late, for now your body has already betrayed your shyness and begun synchronizing itself to the intoxicating rhythms of Morris’ energized beats.
When asked: what does Strength sound like?, no doubt, one would have to conclude that they’re somewhere between Ghostland Observatory, Daft Punk, and The Rolling Stones.

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