Wednesday, February 29, 2012

old rubbish garage rock set in an edgy and compelling prog-rock universe

There is something wonderful exciting and refreshing to encounter with beginners and keen amateurs. Not to say that Magnuson is neither. And then you still no denying that there certainly is a kind of innocence about them. There is just something damn sweet that husband and wife make music together. Just as there is nothing innocent about a band whose booking contact has a Hotmail address. It seems neither too stylish or pretentious. We are well on their way. The name sounds Magnuson admittedly bulb Swedish, but Greg and the Kyrsten Magnuson strains apparently both from the neglected part of America between New York and Los Angeles. However, the latter place, Magnuson now has its base.
The 14 tracks on the Crash of Cassini are invariably short and blunt rock songs. The music is a strange mixture of old rubbish garage rock set in an edgy and compelling prog-rock universe. Like all good couple, so shared Magnuson about the work. Both contribute vocals and guitar, as well as drums changing hands from number to number. Neither Mr or Mrs Magnuson is the great singers, but the mixture of strong and fragile vocals works really well with the surrounding soundscape. At least some of the time.Crash of Cassini suffer in any way under the sparse ensemble. Although only two male high Magnuson delivers an incredibly powerful and rich sound. Everything put into very simple framework. Simple melodies and simple texts where only the duo's impressive guitar playing stands out. Which it largely does. It sometimes pop sound is broken again and again by metal riff. Through the speakers, you can clearly feel the enthusiasm and joy of playing. One of the Crash of Cassini 's strengths is also very clear sound that sometimes is so old rubbish and unpolished that you'd think it was recorded on a cell phone.My personal favorite must be the song "Let Me Go". As a beautiful blend of White Stripes 'sound and the Cranberries' vocals are both melodic and sonically a class above the rest of the plate. The well dusty guitar riff kicks experience started, carried along by simple and heavy beatings of drums. Kyrsten Magnusons lovely helpless vowel appears somewhat distant, almost withdrawn between the instruments.So should one is really thinking that everything is just fat. But it is unfortunately not the case. For Crash of Cassini carrying around a couple of weaknesses that we do not come around. So charming vocals appear on some tracks, just as unattractive is the length. 14 tracks with two halvdÄrlige singers require a tolerance, I do not possess sufficiently. When I arrived at "Forever Friday", the tenth plate number that begins Greg Magnusons pretty deadpan vocals to tire me. The same, unfortunately, the melodies, there have been over 14 tracks are very similar in nature.And it is unfortunately Magnusons problem. The powerful energy discharge, where cozy and enthusiastic though it is, fails to rub off on me. Crash of Cassini 's definitely a positive experience, and although it is far from flawless, it is in the length worthwhile to listen to the couple.

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