Saturday, February 11, 2012

Music Discovery w/ free MP3: Michael Donner & The Southern Renaissance

What is it about Dallas that spits out wonderful americana/alt-country projects!?
Michael Donner & The Southern Renaissance is yet another exmaple of this. Describing themselves as a "gang of picker-gypsies from Dallas, Texas." I can see these guys traditionally living by seasonal work, itinerant trade, and fortune-telling, you know the Gypsy ways...

"No Better Time" is for fans of Bob Dylan to Jeff Buckley to Ryan Adams, they've recently opened several acclaimed shows around the South for the likes of Dylan LeBlanc, The Civil Wars, The Lackadaises and Sleeperstar.
After listening to stand out track "Tall Trees" certainly they are going to be alright! The handful of instruments used on this song makes it easliy the single off this album.

However my favorite track is "Big City" they really branch out and capture the indie rock artist title on this one. I love the drumming and mostly the vocals.... alt country turned hipster! Really this whole album crosses genres nicely. With someone like me who has an attention span of a 2 year old this album suits me very well. Catch them at SXSW this year looks ike they are heading over to Austin! Now how do i get them to come to Portland.

Hey michael- "Can you promise me that you will always stay with me"...... actually Michael can you promise you will always put out albums this good! 
xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo /10
xo kaytea

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