Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Smart soft folky pop with a difference

Beneath Wind and Waves (Independently released CD-R, Pop)

Smart soft folky pop with a difference. Our first impression was that Non-Etre was just another soft folky artist with some nice hummable tunes. But after spinning Beneath Wind and Waves we realized there's a lot more going on here. Instead of just churning out modern folky pop tunes, this fellow writes and records soft pop that has some rather remarkable and unexpected twists and turns. At some points the music is simple and direct...utilizing mainly an acoustic guitar and voice. But other tracks feature some truly cool arrangements that really add extra special flavors to the mix. We particularly love the tasty use of strings on "Loop Me In"...really kicks the song up to the next level. This guy has a great subdued breathy voice and he never comes across sounding phony or contrived. We would place this is in the same general category as Sufjan Stephens but make no mistake...Non-Etre is by no means a copycat artist. Cool reflective cuts include "Transference," "Angry Love," "Hold On Tight," and "98." Totally nifty and absorbing music.


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