Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gunslinger = Infected Mushroom + Juno Reactor + Tiesto

Early Volumes 1
Last Gang Labels
Gunslinger = Infected Mushroom + Juno Reactor + Tiesto
Psychedelic Trance (or Psytrance), the modifier-heavy version of house that is nearly impossible to distinguish from the thousands of similar modifier-heavy versions of house, is the genre where LA beatmaker Gunslinger most often gets pigeonholed. His high BPM, repetitive rhythms and association with Infected Mushroom make a case for this; however, Gunslinger’s background playing in rock bands is clearly his most distinguishing feature. Instead of letting his psytrance beats play on ad nauseam, he channels them nicely into actual songs with verse-chorus arrangements. Early Volumes 1 features the stadium-packing hooks of an electronic Muse for the Ibeza crowd and enough hypertrance breaks for the hardcore techno fan. –Ryan Hall

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