Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Raw underground fuzzy guitar rock/pop with balls... girl band SASSY!

Sassy - Diggin' Deep (Independently released CD-R, Pop/rock)

Raw underground fuzzy guitar rock/pop with balls. Sassy is the duo comprised
of Lynda Mandolyn and Christa Dibiase. These ladies write and record loud
ballsy pop that recalls many classic underground artists from the United
States in the 1990s. The promo sticker appropriate compares the duo's music
to The Muffs, The Gossip, and The Kills. None of that phony processed cheese
slop/pop here...these girls make loud rock music that's genuine and real.
Super loud guitars combine with driving rhythms and nifty dual vocals to
create a musical universe that's impossible to ignore. Thirteen kickass cuts
including "Honey Bee," "Wild Summer" (an exceptional track), "She's A Liar,"
and "Blink Once." Totally cool loud stuff with GUTS.


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