Sunday, January 15, 2012

slightly drunken Ryan Adams

Shawn Lawson Freeman, Non-etre (Self-released)

For Shawn Lawson Freeman, the most obvious, prominent immediate, visceral comparison that emerges on his album is found on “Loop Me In,” which is like a Lou Barlow/Sebadoh/Sentridoh side project of some kind, and that’s something to proud of, for sure, but the other, slightly less prominent, comparison is Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas on “To Be Special,” and that drags this down a few notches. The rest of the album strikes a balance. “Angry Love” is good, with piano and vocals by guest Amy Seeley, and the echoey piano and bass are effective “I Am You” introduces more flexibility. “God Said” is strong, and captures more of what I gather he’s after, which in this instance appears to be a slightly drunken Ryan Adams.

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