Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Civil Twilight with Paper Tongues & Evaline

Civil Twilight with Paper Tongues & Evaline

coming to town

Water Street Music Hall

The three-piece rock band, Civil Twilight originally hailed from Cape Town, South Africa before moving to LA. They perform alt-rock music with strong vocals. Several of their music have been featured on television including on such shows as One Tree Hill, House, Harper’s Island and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Recently, their song “Letters From The Sky” was the iTunes’ Free Download of the Week. Their self-titled release is on Wind-Up Records…Paper Tongues are rockers from North Carolina who fuse rock n’ roll with hip-hop, funk, rap and soul. The recently released a self-titled debut which charted on Billboard’s top 200 chart… The rock group Evaline are making the rounds here in the East, introducing their band new EP, Patterned, to audiences.

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