Thursday, December 16, 2010

Concert review: Fort Worth Weekly Awards concert

Concert review: Fort Worth Weekly Awards concert
by Michelle Parsons

The Burning Hotels were the best performers of the night - and the best  we've seen them so far.

The Burning Hotels take their name very seriously.FORT WORTH - The lineup

for Fort Worth Weekly's Music Award Festival is impressive. I was excited --

like school-girl-jumping-up-and-down-hand-claps excited. The nominees this

year truly are the best of the best Cowtown has to offer. Thirty-six bands,

including Josh Weathers, The Orbans, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, The Burning

Hotels, and Calhoun played in six venues. So I embarked on a quest (a

50-minute, 278-move Mapquest-directed quest) from Richardson to the 7th

Street corridor for stellar tunes and a little heat exhaustion. Here's the

diary of my travels:

6:55 p.m.: The Burning Hotels start sound checks. Co-frontman Chance Morgan

promises he's not a prima donna. As the crowd packs in, the temp (and

tempers) start to flare. One employee turns on two overhead fans. Tempers

back to chill mode.

7:04 p.m.: The quartet dives into "Stuck In the Middle" and blazes through

the next 40 minutes with style and finesse. This was the best set I'd heard

thus far, and turned out to be the best of the entire night. Drummer Wyatt

Adams pushed the tempo as fast as his hands could move, and the rest

followed suit in a wave of succinct harmonizing and peppy guitar plucks.

They toasted Lola's and the rest of the 7th Street venues with "Boy or a

Girl," a song Morgan said was written about his hometown hangouts.

Quaker City Nighthawks at Lola's 6th (June 18)

Here's QCN performing in Fort Worth for The Orbans' CD release party. It's a

good peek at them performing live. NOTE: Watch the volume; we don't want to

blow your speakers. Video posted by StephenTall on YouTube.

7:40 p.m.: After The Burning Hotels ended their set with the infectious

"Austin's Birthday," we leave Lola's refreshed and spunky and head to The

Pour House for Quaker City Nighthawks.

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