Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Paper Tongues at Paradise. Lets GO!

K, M, and I took a break to refuel for the first time of the day (around 5pm). We also got to dry off a bit. Then we headed back down to Boston for the Paper Tongues concert at Paradise Rock Club. The band before Paper Tongues was called Civil Twilight. They sounded Coldplay-esque and were from South Africa. I had never heard their songs before but they were good.

Paper Tongues at Paradise. Lets GO!

The show was nuts. Those guys can really rock. First of all, it was an 8 piece band. The lead singer was so chill. He came out into the audience and shook people’s hands during the first song. The dude really knew how to hype up the crowd throughout the show. Its concerts like that where you can’t help but dance. After the show, we handed out flyers because Paper Tongues is coming back with Neon Trees to put on a free show at City Hall Plaza next Thursday to hype up the Dew Tour.

Just met Paper Tongues. Mad cool guys. Pics later, oh and they’re playing a show for the Dew Tour Concert next Thurs

M, K and I walked back to my apartment and hung out for a bit then they both went on their way. What an incredible day.

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