Wednesday, December 15, 2010

rock/hip-hop newcomers Paper Tongues

Saturday brought the hottest day yet, with the heat index reaching into the 100s by 10 am. Rebelution and Norah Jones were on my radar early in the day, but by far the best performance of the afternoon was an intimate set in the Troo Music Lounge by rock/hip-hop newcomers Paper Tongues. Their current single, “Ride to California” has been getting lots of airplay on alternative rock stations, and their newest release “Trinity” has been climbing the charts as well. Their soulful, high-energy performance, even given the fact that they were playing on the smallest stage at the festival, made the Paper Tongues performance stand out even among industry superstars playing just outside their small tent. Stevie Wonder and Jay Z dominated the main stage in the evening, despite a late start, while house legend Deadmau5 (complete with glowing mouse mask) spun his beats late into the night.

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