Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Paper Tongues -- About to Pop

Paper Tongues -- About to Pop

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By Ashley Iasimone

Who: Paper Tongues

Album: 'Paper Tongues'

Single: 'Trinity'

Hails From: Charlotte, N.C.

For Fans Of: Neon Trees, 30 Seconds to Mars

Why They're About to Pop: With seven members in a band, musical backgrounds are bound to vary. Fusing rock, hip-hop, funk and pop, Paper Tongues take their melting pot of influences and have been making them work together since forming in 2007.

"Our sound is soulful alternative hop rock," guitarist Joey Signa tells PopEater. "It has elements of all genres, being that we all come from such different places in life and in music. I like to say its Journey meets the Roots meets U2."

The seven-piece -- Signa, Aswan North, Devin Forbes, Cody Blackler, Clayton Simon, Jordan Hardee and Danny Santell -- can boast a famous fan: 'American Idol' judge Randy Jackson, who's been a supporter since he first heard their demo in Los Angeles. Paper Tongues now have a debut album available, and they're hitting the road with the likes of Neon Trees and Civil Twilight this summer.

Find out what Paper Tongues are like around their fans and how they get pumped before a show in the following two video clips, and check out an exclusive interview with the band after that.

Watch Paper Tongues' 'Webisode'

Watch Paper Tongues' 'Before a Show' Clip

Six Questions With Guitarist Joey Signa:

How did you all get together as a band?

We all met in Charlotte, N.C., playing improv music in the center city of Charlotte. We would meet every Saturday night and just jam! We would find sweet spots, and songs would come. We finally started taking it serious, and Aswan asked us all to commit to starting a band. It took a while, but we did it.

How did you decide on the band name Paper Tongues?

We got the band name from one of our producers who helped us build this record over three years time. We all dug it and since then, we have made it our own.

Who are your musical influences?

I love all types of music -- from hardcore to jazz, from Ryan Adams to Paramore, Jay Z to Underoath. I find what I need in all genres. I try to keep myself stretched as well, not getting stuck in one place, so my playing always has somewhere to go.

Which song from your album is your favorite, and why?

I love 'Everybody' because it has such a deep groove but feels so light. The words are powerful, and the melody is contagious.

Your song is featured on the new MTV's 'When I Was 17.' What did it feel like to first hear your song on a TV show?

It was just so weird to me. Honestly, I just smiled and moved on. It felt good.

You're on tour right now. What three things can't you live without on the road?

Coffee. My bike. Apples.

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